Lennox 13 ACX

Single Stage Air Conditioner.  Lennox’ Merit® Series 13ACX is the ideal cooling solution for homeowners who want reliable performance, budget-friendly affordability and money-saving energy efficiency. What makes the 13ACX even better is the enhanced humidity control that comes with the optional addition of our exclusive Humiditrol® whole-home dehumidification system.* 

Payroll for Projects

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The 13ACX, like every product Lennox manufactures, is designed for exceptional durability inside and out. Its direct-drive fan is precision balanced to provide quieter operation and longer life. The dependable scroll compressor and high-efficiency coil work together to reduce energy usage and save you money. The 13ACX is designed with a heavy-gauge, galvanized steel PermaGuard™ cabinet to resist the elements for years to come.

The 13ACX’s efficiency meets or exceeds 13 SEER, giving you a comfortable home all summer long without worrying about utility bills.

  • ENERGY STAR logo ENERGY STAR® Qualified
  • Reach beyond the minimum standards with this air conditioner that meets or exceeds 13.00 SEER!
  • Reliable Scroll Compressor: This feature gives your 13ACX the ability to withstand even the harshest conditions as it delivers quiet, dependable home comfort.
  • The 13ACX is compatible with the exclusive Humiditrol® whole-home dehumidification system, for indoor air that feels better – even on sweltering days.
  • The 13ACX has features that you would not expect from an affordable air conditioning system.
  • Sound levels as low as 76 dB give you volume control on par with many more expensive systems.
  • Durable Louvered Coil Guard – Provides long-lasting coil protection. The dependable scroll compressor and high-efficiency coil work together to reduce energy usage and save you money.
  • Direct-Drive Fan – Precision-balanced direct-drive outdoor fan is designed to provide quieter operation and longer product life.
  • Dependable Scroll Compressor – Provides reliable and efficient operation.

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