On demand Hot Water? Sounds good right!

Sensing and communicating, and cleans the air in your home better than any other single system you can buy




5 yr parts 25 year heat exchanger


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At Furnace Family, we install Noritz Hot Water Heaters. Only super-high-efficiency Noritz Tankless water heaters combine the most convenient, innovative tankless water heater technology with the unsurpassed quality and reliability of Nortiz. The EZ111 models feature recirculation for faster hot water. The Noritz Connect app is compatible with both of the new units, allowing for wireless remote control of -heater functions, as well as diagnostic and maintenance reminders.

Welcome to ultimate efficiency. With technology that operates only when hot water is needed, super-efficient heating coils, no pilot light and no storage tank to heat and reheat water, you save on energy and utility costs. In fact, Noritz Tankless Water Heaters use up to 40 percent
less energy* than a traditional tank water heater. Plus, with premium technology, increased energy efficiency, an improved Home Energy Rating System (HERS) Index Score and optimized LEED eligibility, our tankless solutions can increase your home’s value. You can even qualify for energy efficiency rebates and tax credits. It’s a smart investment for now and the future

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