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Our Family will keep your family cool in the Calgary and Edmonton Summers.

Air Conditioning

Furnace Family air conditioners by Lennox or Daikin deliver peak performance, precision comfort while maximizing energy savings. Contact us today for your free in home estimate. As your local Calgary and Edmonton and area air conditioner experts, we will help you find the right size air conditioner with the best efficiency within your budget. Don’t wait until it’s too late.

13 ACX

Single-stage air conditioner. Affordable, efficient cooling.


Single-stage air conditioner.
Efficient Durable Air Conditioner

16 ACX

Multi Stage Air Conditioner. Affordable, efficient cooling.


High Efficiency air conditioner.
Cooling you can feel. Elite series.

Lennox EL18XCV

Truly variable. Truly digital. Next-Level Performance

Lennox XC 20

Variable Capacity air conditioner. High efficiency air conditioner.

Lennox XC 21

Multi-stage air conditioner. Part of the Lennox Signature Collection.

Lennox SL28

The Ultimate Side of perfect air. Consistently Perfect. Signature Collection.


Designed to fit comfort, space-saving and efficiency requirements.

Daikin DX20

High efficient. Up to 24 Seer with sound levels down to 58dba

Daikin DX 18TC

High-efficiency, two-stage scroll compressor. Cooling performance.

Daikin DX 16TC

Up to 16 SEER Performance High-Efficiency Scroll Compressor

Daikin DX 16 SA

Performance High-Efficiency Scroll Compressor. Quiet Operation.

Daikin DX 14 SA

Up to 15 SEER Performance
Energy-Efficient Compressor

Daikin DX 13 SA

Up to 14 SEER Performance
Energy-Efficient Compressor

Daikin DX 13SN

Up to 14 SEER Performance
Energy Efficient Cooling.

Common Questions

There are a few factors that change the cost of an A/C. The size of your home matters to the size of the unit installed. Another factor that is not talked a lot about is the electrical capacity of the power service in the home. A/C typically for homes 1500 sq ft and under around $4200 to $5000, for homes 1500 sq.ft to 2000 sq.ft the cost ranges from $4700 to $5500, homes larger than 2000 sq.ft are between $5200 to $6000 on average. We offer free in-home estimates and there are more variables that will determine the true cost. 

All companies have different levels of overhead – what they pay for insurance, staff training, vehicles, fuel, and more. Some small companies may have lower overhead and charge less, but that same company who gives you the “cheap” quote may not be as sustainable – and what happens if they’re not around in 5 years when you need a service call or emergency repair?

We have a large service department that can get to most calls the same-day. If the temperature is plus 30 or minus 30, we do get busy. Please be patient on those days as we are doing the best we can. 

More Questions? Talk with our experts 

For Emergency Service Call: Edmonton: 780-432-6459 | Calgary: 403-432-6459

Join Our Family - Maintenance Plans

Keep your home comfortable all season long.

Join our family and we will be there when you need us most. We offer two plans: The essential maintenance plan is our most economical plan, perfect for equipment already covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. The Worry Free Plan is the most relaxing way to heat or cool your home. Have peace of mind. Starting at just $10.95/month.

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Our service promises stand for what we believe every customer should experience. 🏡

Furnace Family strives to be as fair as possible with our prices. If you find a lower price with a comparable company, on the same furnace or air conditioner we sell, with a similar warranty, we will either match it or beat it. We want your business.

If you have Furnace Family out to fix your furnace or AC on an emergency basis but find that replacing your unit is a better option, we will get it running if possible and give you 30 days to replace your furnace or a/c if you go with us we will refund the cost of the parts used, we hate high pressure sales.

Furnace Family will always put our existing customers first!! We advertise 24 hour service and we mean it; if our customers need us they get priority over new customers. Once you’re in our family we will look after you.

Furnace Family started offering this service after hearing stories of perfectly good furnaces being replaced just to sell a new unit or lack of technician skill to fix it. Call us and we will give you a honest opinion for free. Over the phone or in person.

The most important thing a company has is its reputation. Furnace Family stands behind all of our work and our great staff. We promise to do our best never to leave a customer unsatisfied with our work. We will always make things right, be that an extra visit or a full refund; we never want to leave a customer unhappy with our service… never ever.