Garage Heaters & Installation

Furnace Family air Garage Heaters  by Lennox or Calcana.  Each brand delivers peak performance, precision comfort while maximizing energy savings. 

Garage Heaters

With a low-profile design and a range of capacities, Lennox® or Calcana garage heaters bring reliable and efficient warmth to almost any garage or workspace. Furnace Family air Garage Heaters  by Lennox or Calcana.  Each brand delivers peak performance, precision comfort while maximizing energy savings. Call today for your free in-home estimate. We will help you find the right size garage heater with the best efficiency within your budget. Don’t wait until it’s winter hits!

Lennox LF24

Even in the coldest weather, the LF24 garage heater provides uniform heat distribution. By using advanced components, such as a tubular heat exchanger, the LF24 keeps your entire garage cozy and warm, not just one area of it.


Calcana garage heaters have taken heating the great outdoors to a new level! Now customers can essentially control the weather by using Calcana infrared technology to spot heat the outdoor spaces that they work and play in. 

Common Questions

The main reason to buy a radiant style heater is if you do work in the garage it heats the concrete and your tools. This makes it a very comfortable workspace. The one drawback of a radiant heater is when doors open or close it takes longer to make up the lost heat compared to a forced air model.

Most people keep it at about 10 degrees, this way everything stays well above freezing and if you plan on spending time in the garage it’s quicker to heat up.

Consider buying a larger unit if this is how you’re going to use it, as a garage heater usually will take hours to heat up a super cold garage.

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Join our family and we will be there when you need us most. We offer two plans: The essential maintenance plan is our most economical plan, perfect for equipment already covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. The Worry Free Plan is the most relaxing way to heat or cool your home. Have peace of mind. Starting at just $10.95/month.


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Furnace Family strives to be as fair as possible with our prices. If you find a lower price with a comparable company, on the same furnace or air conditioner we sell, with a similar warranty, we will either match it or beat it. We want your business.

If you have Furnace Family out to fix your furnace or AC on an emergency basis but find that replacing your unit is a better option, we will get it running if possible and give you 30 days to replace your furnace or a/c if you go with us we will refund the cost of the parts used, we hate high pressure sales.

Furnace Family will always put our existing customers first!! We advertise 24 hour service and we mean it; if our customers need us they get priority over new customers. Once you’re in our family we will look after you.

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