Common Store Questions

No they are a good starting point to give you an idea and not wonder what a furnace or AC is going to cost. Every home is different in size, age and may need code upgrades so prices can vary up or down from the prices in our store.  The store offers a good  starting point.

Yes, right here on our web site you can apply for financing it is a great way to know what you budget is. We have had many customers upgrade their furnace when installing air conditioning.

While we all want to get “ a good deal” lower prices usually mean corners are being cut. All dealers buy products from the same suppliers and pay our people very similar wages. Quality installation is what matters and properly trained staff. Remember
80% of failure in new equipment is caused by the installation not the equipment.

Great than we are the right company for you. All of our home comfort advisors are previous installers and know how to do the job right. This helps avoid surprises on installation day. How can a salesman sell a furnace if they have no clue how to install it. Our focus at Furnace Family has always been on high quality work and no surprises.