Furnace Parts & Filters

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We do sell Furnace parts and MERV Filters

Common Questions

We do sell parts on regular hours the office is open, WE DO NOT SELL PARTS ON WEEKENDS OR AFTER HOURS.

We can’t stock every part, or function like Amazon when customers need a part. It just doesn’t work that way. There are many brands and each one has many models. Not all are universal. There are 6 major wholesalers that carry those parts in their 60,000 sq.ft warehouses and are only open regular hours. So that means after hours parts are very difficult to get. 

Repairs can run from $300 to $2000, while that is ball-park amount, there are many different parts for different furnaces. We stock the most common parts in our vans and warehouse. We charge a diagnostic trip charge and go over any additional repair cost before proceeding with the repair. You will always know the cost before we perform any work. 

Furnace Family has an exclusive “No wasted money guarantee.”  If we fix your furnace, we give you 30 days to replace it with a new one and refund the cost of the parts it took to get your furnace operational.  Why do we do this? To give you peace of mind and know that we aren’t like other companies doing high pressure sales at emergency calls. This does happen. Most of the time, problems can be fixed. 

Need Emergency Service Call: Edmonton: 780-432-6459 | Calgary: 403-432-6459


There is no exchanges, Refunds or warranty on parts not installed by Furnace Family.
Parts are ONLY available for pick up during business hours.