Furnace Installation

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we can install great quality furnaces that will meet all of your heating requirements.

We have over 50 years experience, so you can be certain that your furnace installation will be done right the first time.  We are familiar with all popular brands of furnaces available in the market so we can install all of them according to company specifications. With our installation, you can save money on your utility bills and have a comfortable environment in your home

In-Home Assessment

Our first priority is to understand what your requirements are before we recommend a product. The furnace needs to balance between comfort and efficiency. Our in home comfort advisors will assess your property and understand your unique needs before they plan the installation.

Correct Size For Your Home

Different homes require furnaces of different capacities. If you purchase a furnace that’s too big or small for your home, you may face problems down the line. Our in home comfort advisors have over 35 years experience and they will help you choose the right equipment

Heat Loss Calculation

The heated air can escape through cracks and leaks, which can compromise the efficiency of the entire system. We will assess all leaks and ensure the treated air doesn’t escape the system. We will also ensure the air flow is ideal and your home environment is always comfortable.

Furnace Replacement & Installation

Have you recently started to think about having your furnace replaced, in the greater Edmonton area? You’re likely wondering what it will cost, what kind of furnace you need, and who is going to do the best installation job. There are a lot of companies to choose from, so where do you start? 

  • Choosing the company who will install your new furnace is a big decision. All companies have different levels of overhead – what they pay for insurance, staff training, vehicles, fuel, and more). Some small companies may have lower overhead and charge less, but that same company who gives you the “cheap” quote may not be as sustainable – and what happens if they’re not around in 5 years when you need a service call or emergency repair?

  • A properly installed furnace is the way to get all of the comfort and energy savings you’re looking for in your home.

  • Furnace Warranty –  before you commit to your furnace and a company to provide it is what form of warranty you’ll be able to get. There are different kinds of warranties – some are provided by the manufacturer, some are third-party insurance, and some are warrantied by the company selling and installing the furnace.

Committed to Excellence.

Furnace Family is a Home Stars Best of Award Winner for 2018F

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Service promises

Honest Pricing.

Furnace Family strives to be as fair as possible with our prices. If you find a lower price with a comparable company on the same furnace or air conditioner we sell, with a similar warranty, we will either match it or beat it.

We will be there for you.

Furnace Family will always put our existing customers first!! We advertise 24 hour service and we mean it; if our customers need us they get priority. The hottest or coldest days are some of our busiest.   

No Wasted Money.

If you have Furnace Family out to fix your furnace or AC on a emergency basis but find that replacing your unit is a better option, we will get it running if possible and send out a home comfort adviser to go over your options with you.

Free Second opinion.

Furnace Family started offering this service after hearing stories of perfectly good furnaces being replaced just to sell a new unit or lack of technician skill to fix it. Give us a call and one of our technicians.

100% Satisfaction Promise.

The most important thing a company has is its reputation. Furnace Family stands behind all of our work and our great staff. We promise to do our best never to leave a customer unsatisfied with our work. We will always make things right, be that an extra visit or a full refund; we never want to leave a customer unhappy with our service.