Feel The Love – 2018

Feel the Love 2018- Furnace Family will be helping out a family in need through the Lennox Feel the love program this year, again! We love being part of the community.

We have chosen our nomination for this year – please read their story below.

My son and I are both disabled.  I have muscular dystrophy & spinal damage – ankoloising spondylitis – I am losing my ability to walk.  My son has muscular dystrophy & is mentally challenged, autistic, has dialated cardiomyopathy & heart function at 23% – high risk of sudden death – we both have a lot of health problems.  I am being financially responsible – it is taking both of our disability incomes to pay the mortgage & the bills.  There is little left over for anything else – I am trying my best. The condo is a former rental that needs a lot of repairs including a hot water tank. However the biggest thing we need help with is the replacement of the 44 year old furnace.  I have been quoted between 8K & 10K to get this replaced – this is something that is out of my budget.  Should the furnace fail – I don’t know what we are going to do. We have worked so hard to have a decent safe home.  I sincerely don’t like asking for help – but I thought I would put my name into the Feel the Love.  I am nominating my son & myself for a little help with replacing the furnace.  I hope that you will consider this nomination.Thank you Furnace Family for putting this out there for people in need.

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