Furnace Replacement and Pricing

Have you recently started to think about having your furnace replaced, in the greater Edmonton area? You’re likely wondering what it will cost, what kind of furnace you need, and who is going to do the best installation job. There are a lot of companies to choose from, so where do you start?

The first thing that you should consider is the length of time you plan on living in your current home. It might seem tough to spend a bit more money now, but you’ll save money on energy and repairs over time by purchasing a higher-end model now. The new technologies available in these furnaces will also keep you extra comfortable!

Choosing the company who will install your new furnace is another big decision. All companies have different levels of overhead – what they pay for insurance, staff training, vehicles, fuel, and more). Some small companies may have lower overhead and charge less, but that same company who gives you the “cheap” quote may not be as sustainable – and what happens if they’re not around in 5 years when you need a service call or emergency repair? At the same time, going with the huge corporate chains can be just as frustrating. Dealing with overseas call centres and being viewed as just the customer number on your file are obstacles to getting great local service in a timely manner.

Another key factor will be the actual physical installation of the service. A properly installed furnace is the way to get all of the comfort and energy savings you’re looking for in your home. It’s possible for improperly installed furnaces to fail long before the normal end of their lifespan, and the hardest part of dealing with that is that a manufacturer’s warranty won’t cover damage caused by improper installation! This could leave you on the hook for a costly and unexpected repair. Every detail, from the actual hookup to the proper setup of each of the furnace’s mechanical aspects, goes toward giving you the best possible heating and energy use.

One last thing to consider before you commit to your furnace and a company to provide it is what form of warranty you’ll be able to get. There are different kinds of warranties – some are provided by the manufacturer, some are third-party insurance, and some are warrantied by the company selling and installing the furnace. Usually the heat exchanger (the body of the furnace) and 5-10 years of individual parts are insured by the furnace’s manufacturer, while the labor portion is either insured, or warrantied by the installation company. Be careful to consider all of the warranty details in order to avoid any future surprises!

There are several other smaller considerations in buying a furnace, but these are the ones that we consider to be the most vital. Choosing the company is a bigger step than choosing a manufacturer! The furnace brand that you want will be available from more than one local business, so choose the company that’s right for you! Look for factory trained technicians, and a company that is locally based. If you’re undecided, try calling their 24-hour service numbers in the middle of the night and see who responds fastest. That way, you’ll know who will take care of you the fastest in an emergency situation. When it comes to price, go with the company who provides what we call “honest pricing” – mid range prices where the company makes enough money to cover its costs, and the customer also recieves a good value for their dollar.

Here are some examples of furnace pricing in Edmonton:

Single Stage – Base model
-92% efficient
-$3100 to $3600

Two Stage – Variable speed fan
-96% efficient
-$4200 to $4700 (great choice!)

Modulating Gas and Variable speed fan

-98% efficient
-$4800 to $5200

Keep an eye out for future posts. We’ll cover topics such as thermostats and indoor air quality products. We spend half our lives indoors, it’s important to have clean air and a comfortable climate in our homes!


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