Halloween Comes Knockin’ Every Month!

The arrival of the utility bill this fall and winter is worse than a visit by the scariest ghoul or goblin.  Just when you thought energy prices couldn’t go higher, they’re rising again.  Fortunately, there are step you can take to make the utility bill a little less frightening this winter. 

Call us to perform a fall safety check and professional cleaning of your heating system.  Not only will this reduce the chance of breakdowns, extend equipment life, and improve your home’s indoor air quality, it will cut utility expense.  The steps in this comprehensive service include:

  • Check thermostat setting and operation
  • Check safety limits
  • Inspect ignition module
  • Test gas pressure
  • Check temperature rise
  • Verify blower time
  • Adjust heat anticipator
  • Make a safety inspection of the  heat exchanger
  • Check for proper drafting
  • Inspect flame appearance
  • Clean or replace filter
  • Adjust flame deflector
  • Inspect flue and check flue pitch
  • Check airflow
  • Check static pressure
  • Check condensate drain
  • Remove pilot debris
  •  Clean burners
  • Adjust burners for optimum, energy efficient burn
  • Check flame sensor
  • Check for gas leaks in and around equipment
  • Check for carbon monoxide leaks in and around equipment
  • Cycle system

 All heating systems require tuning, cleaning, and adjustment from time to time.  Everyone from the government to consumer magazines to furnace manufacturers recommend service on an annual basis.  In fact, manufacturer warranties require it

No matter what type of heating system you use, we have comprehensive maintenance plans that will return your equipment to factory fresh condition, save energy, improve indoor air quality, and extend equipment life.  

 When it comes to extending equipment life, we do a pretty darn good job.  We keep thousands of area heating systems running year after year.

 Sometimes we do the job too well.  Just because your heating system can make it through another winter doesn’t mean it should.  If your heating system is older than the average life (see chart below), you’ve gotten great value from it.  However, continued operation risks wasting that value.  

As systems age, they breaks down more frequently.  And heating systems don’t break down during mild weather, but during the coldest nights of the year when every service company in town is backed up for days.  

Also, older equipment tends to be less efficient.  The technology advances every year.  Older equipment is not as efficient or quiet as today’s products.  Plus, without regular maintenance, the efficiency of mechanical systems degrade over time, further increasing the efficiency gap with today’s technology.  Call us at 780 4FAMILY for a complementary evaluation of the money you can save.  With today’s great financing, your utility savings may equal or exceed your payments, giving you extra money at the end of the month when you invest in a new heating system.

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