EnviroSence Power Vent

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  • It has a spiral heat exchanger that helps keep hot combustion gases in the tank longer which means the water will heat up faster.
  • With a 22” diameter, the Envirosense® Power Vent can be installed in less space than a 75-gallon heater but will deliver greater recovery rates and lower operating costs.
  • ENERGY STAR® Qualified with a 94% thermal efficiency

40 Gallon, 50 Gallon

Warranty Information

1 year labour
6 years parts
6 years manufacturers*


Delivering 94% efficiency, the Envirosense® Power Vent is a 50-gallon, 76,000 BTU gas water heater, equipped with a fully submerged, spiral-shaped condensing heat exchanger.

This design provides a much greater heat transfer surface than a standard straight flue tube, resulting in 94% thermal efficiency and higher hot water output than standard 78% efficient water heaters.

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