Services Promises

Because customers matter. Our Promises to you.

Furnace Family offers 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Honest Pricing 🤝

Furnace Family strives to be as fair as possible with our prices.  If you find a lower price with a comparable company on the same furnace or air conditioner we sell, with a similar warranty, we will either match it or beat it.  If we don’t beat it, we will buy you dinner for giving us the opportunity to gain your business.

We'll be there when you need us. 😁

Furnace Family will always put our existing customers first!!  We advertise 24 hour service and we mean it; if our customers need us they get priority. The hottest or coldest days are some of our busiest.  Many competitors put new paying customers first over no charge warranty calls, but Furnace Family always puts our existing customers first—it’s the right thing to do.

No Wasted Money Promise 💰

If you have Furnace Family out to fix your furnace or AC on an emergency basis but find that replacing your unit is a better option, we will get it running if possible and give you 30 days to replace your furnace or a/c if you go with us we will refund the cost of the parts used, we hate high pressure sales.

Free Second Opinion Before You Buy 🤓

W started offering this service after hearing stories of perfectly good furnaces being replaced just to sell a new unit or lack of technician skill to fix the unit. Give us a call and one of our technicians or home comfort advisers will be glad to talk to you and confirm whether you really need a new unit or there is a chance of fixing the old one. We hate to see Edmontonian’s taken advantage of by furnace companies.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed 👌
We Stand behind our work!

The most important thing a company has is its reputation.  Furnace Family stands behind all of our work and our great staff.  We promise to do our best never to leave a customer unsatisfied with our work.  We will always make things right, be that an extra visit or a full refund; we never want to leave a customer unhappy with our service.

When to get a second opinion?

When the technician pushes for a new system and it doesn't feel right

When the technician can't explain the problem thoroughly or is skirting your questions and you are being pushed to buy a new system.

When your system has been condemned

Is your system less than 10 years old? Quite simply, get a second opinion. Furnaces last much longer than 5-10 years.

When the estimates seem very expensive – trust your instincts

Especially if you feel like you are being sold or lied to, or the salesperson is pushy.

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