Circuit Breaker Panel Upgrades

Circuit breaker panel upgrades are extremely important.

Many electrical panels are not able to manage electrical demands of the average home especially if any additions or renovations are done. Many home owners choose to upgrade their panels to meet the demand of modern electrical appliances. One way to easily determine if your house doesn’t have enough power is if your circuit breaker frequently trips (3 times a year or more) while multiple appliances are running simultaneously. Appliances which cause circuit breakers to trip include space heaters, microwave ovens, hair dryers, dish washers, irons, vacuum cleaners, toasters and air conditioners.


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Your home’s main distribution panel is the key to making all the comforts of home work properly. Imagine 30-degree day with no air conditioning or not being able to charge your laptop or phone because of a fault in your breaker panel.

Without these everyday comforts life could be a lot harder and less fun. One way of making sure you never go without is to have a properly trained electrical technician check and make sure you have the right system for your home and family’s needs. A service upgrade is a relatively easy solution to a stressed out old power box. Call the Family Electrician to get a free quote on your service upgrade.

What is a "FPE" Panel and why should it be replaced?

If you have noticed that you have a Federal Pacific (FPE) breaker box, or one of our technicians informed you that you have one, you may be interested in the information on this page, and the other pages linked to it.

It is our recommendation that all FPE panels be replaced. Although some FPE panels are more of a hazard than others, when it comes to safety for your home and family, too safe is never safe enough. Over time FPE panels and breakers have been known to fail, which can lead to very serious damages including fire(s). If you do have one of these panels, you should start thinking about getting it replaced soon.
There have been several tests on the FPE equipment, the experts recommend replacing the panels.

For this reason, we cannot warranty any repairs made on FPE panels, and if possible we always recommend replacement over repairs of this type of equipment FPE panels are no longer manufactured which make the parts more costly and harder to find. Most customers have found that replacing the panel at first ends up costing less in the long run then replacing the breakers one or two at a time.

Our Residential Electrical Services

If it’s lights you’re wanting help with… We Install, Repair, or Remove lighting of all kinds. Our electricians can explain the benefits of updating your home’s lighting and what we can do for you.
Shaky, Wobbly, Outdated Ceiling Fan? Ceiling fans add beauty. Looking for a simple & affordable way to update your living room or bedroom? It could be as easy as replacing your ceiling fan.
Circuit breaker panel upgrades are extremely important. Many electrical panels are not able to manage electrical demands of the average home especially if any additions or renovations are done.
Need an outlet installed or moved? Need a GFCI outlet? We can install an outlet for that new TV, or move an existing outlet to accommodate the new furniture you recently purchased.
Need a light switch installed or updated? Want A New Dimmer Switch? No matter what’s going on with your home’s light switch. Our techs will give you the price before any work takes place.
Protect your entire home from costly surges. Did you know you could protect your whole house for just a fraction of the price? Having Electrical Trouble? The Family Electrician can help.

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Looking for a quality and affordable Electrician for your next project? Look no further than The Family Electrician. We can repair and install anything electric in your home or office. Our electricians are licensed by the province of Alberta and are highly skilled and trained.

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We always let you know exactly what the work will cost, no hidden costs ever. With our experienced journeyman electricians we can provide up front pricing.

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We only send journeymen electricians to do the work.  Ensuring the work is done right the first time, and in a timely manner. 

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Our electricians have years of experience in residential homes. This means they have seen it all and will get things done efficiently.

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