Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Keeping Your Family Out of Harm’s Way

You may think a fire could never start in your home or business, but in reality, they can happen to anyone. A smoke detector is the best way to protect yourself and your building from fires. Plus, most homes in the Edmonton area have gas heat, so carbon monoxide detectors are an absolute necessity to protect your family from exposure to dangerous gas. Wiring a smoke or carbon monoxide detector into your house's main electrical power source is often the safest option for many homeowners. With this solution, you don't have to worry about the batteries dying. Plus, the units throughout your home can be interconnected so that they will all sound at once if smoke or carbon monoxide is detected in a room.


Do I Have to Hard-Wire My Detector?

Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are designed to constantly read your room and pick up any trace of harmful gas or smoke, which can signal the presence of fire. If there is a fire in the building, sometimes the electricity in your home is compromised. In this case, the electricity powering the detector would fail and the unit would rely on its backup battery to keep you safe.

When considering a hardwired detector, many homeowners wonder:

The problem with batteries is that they run out. If the unit runs solely on battery power, it will pull juice from that battery all day and night. You'll blow through several batteries a month, creating environmental waste and spending unnecessary money on batteries. If you do not hard-wire your unit, your other option is to purchase a detector that plugs into an existing outlet. Carbon monoxide detectors are available in this form, requiring no additional wiring to operate. Smoke detectors are rarely found in plug-in options because smoke rises in a room and therefore the detectors need to be located along the ceiling to better protect you.

Let our electricians provide you with a safe detector so you can sleep soundly knowing your unit will not fail you in the case of an emergency.

 We can also advise you if a different kind of detector installation is a better choice for your home. Find out more about the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors we can install by contacting our team today.

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