Whole Home Surge Protection

Protect your entire home from costly surges and spikes!

When is the last time you did an inventory on all the electronic items in your house - and the cost of it all? Did you know you could protect your whole house for just a fraction of the price? It is far less to invest a small amount in a protection system than to replace costly appliances!


Why Does My Home Need A Surge Protection?

Almost every home in the greater Edmonton area has expensive electronic equipment in it: TV’s, A/C Units, Water Heaters, Refrigerators, Entertainment Equipment, Hot Tubs, and Computers. All of these things listed require the use of your homes electric circuit boards. All these items can easily add up to $1,000’s of dollars, and all are vulnerable to power surges. You can very easily save money and protect ALL of your valuable items in your home with a panel surge protector.

How Much Does It Cost?

Home Surge Protection is very affordable! Call Now For More Information.

What Is An Example Of A Power Surge Causing Damage?

For Instance: If lightning struck a powerline or nearby home, a surge may be able to enter your electrical system and anything that is plugged in may get “fried”, no matter if it is on or off. We receive several calls every month from customers that have this happen. They end up having to pay out of pocket to replace these appliances. It could all be prevented with a surge protector. There are several types of surges and different causes for each of them. Read below for more details.

How Does The Warranty Work?

Once the surge protector is properly installed, if appliances were damaged as a result of an electrical surge, first a homeowner’s insurance claim has to be made by the homeowner, followed by a visit from a Milestone representative to determine damages & the cause of damage. A warranty claim form will be filled out & sent to manufacture for approval & reimbursement. Reimbursement can be up to $25,000 in damages.

The following information is more in depth on what surges are and how they work. Feel free to call our office and talk to someone who can answer any questions you may have. When you call our office you will always talk to a live person!
Surges are sudden and unexpected spikes in voltage that travel throughout your home/office electrical system.
Some surges come from within you own home/office, such as turning on a vacuum cleaner or sending a document to your printer. Other surges come from outside your home, as in electric utility switching, downed power poles, cut power lines, and lightning strikes. Surge can even enter through cable televisions and telephone wiring.

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Circuit breaker panel upgrades are extremely important. Many electrical panels are not able to manage electrical demands of the average home especially if any additions or renovations are done.
Need an outlet installed or moved? Need a GFCI outlet? We can install an outlet for that new TV, or move an existing outlet to accommodate the new furniture you recently purchased.
Need a light switch installed or updated? Want A New Dimmer Switch? No matter what’s going on with your home’s light switch. Our techs will give you the price before any work takes place.
Protect your entire home from costly surges. Did you know you could protect your whole house for just a fraction of the price? Having Electrical Trouble? The Family Electrician can help.

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